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Looking to Become a Member?

Thank You for your interest in becoming a member of OPYC.   We are a private club for Members and their Guests only.  Membership applications are required and we have a membership cap of 136.  Marina slips and RV spots can only be rented or purchased if you are a current member.  Join OPYC and enjoy all the benefits our private club has to offer.


Our members enjoy OPYC in a variety of ways; from classic cruising and overnight camping, to surfing to skiing and paddle boarding. We have many members that just enjoy the social aspects and the beautiful location to come relax and play. OPYC also hosts fun social events every month throughout the season.  We have a full time operations manager and caretaker that ensure the club is always ready for the members to enjoy. If you have not already, review this page  to see more details about the amenities at OPYC.

It is our desire to provide all prospective new members complete information and to assist you in becoming a valued and long term member.  This will give you the opportunity to be better informed, ensure this is a good fit for you, and help in some of the questions you may have in the membership process.


OPYC is a social club first and foremost, and this process was established in the best interests of OPYC membership and you.


Becoming a member is easy, simply follow the steps below.

  • OPYC Membership

    The current, one time, cost to purchase a Yacht Club membership.

  • Annual Club Dues

    The annual membership dues amount for each member.

  • Annual Slip Dues

    The annual amount each slip holder pays in dues for their slip.

  • Annual RV Park Dues

    The annual amount each RV Pad lease holder pays in dues for their RV space.


Membership Steps

1. Read through the OPYC Rules and Regulations to first ensure you agree to all

2. Complete the Member Application and send it us at

3. We may interview you and/or conduct background checks

4. Board of Directors vote on each application

5. Introduction to the membership


Member Application
Club Rules & Regulations
DNR Rules & Regulations
ESD Safety Form