Please take time to become familiar with the OPYC Rules & Regulations. All members and guests are required to adhere to club rules and code of conduct.

2024 OPYC - Rules & Regulations (PDF Download)

These rules are divided into the following areas:


Note:  It is recognized that the these Rules and Regulations may not address every situation that may arise, or that may be subject to interpretation from time to time.  You are encouraged to contact any Club Officer or Director if you have any questions about them or if you wish to report violations of these Rules.  Your awareness of these Rules and Regulations and your compliance with them is vital to our enforcement.


Definitions:  Any term used, but not defined, herein shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the Bylaws.

Rule #1  Only Members in good standing will be admitted to the Club grounds and marina area. Good standing is defined as having paid all dues, fines and assessments, and signed Rules and Regulations by the required date and having not been placed on suspension by the Board of Directors.

Rule #2  A Member will be held responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of their family, guests, and pets. Violation of Club rules could result in one or more of the following Board actions.

A) Verbal or written warnings.
B) A monetary fine.
C) Suspension of Club privileges.
D) Probation, termination or expulsion from the Club.

Rule #3  Members are responsible for assuring that the main entrance gate is closed and secured after driving through the entrance. Members will not permit unauthorized vehicles to enter the premises by tailgating the Member’s vehicle.

Rule #4  No person other than a Member will possess a gate opener at any time. Gate openers found in possession of unauthorized persons will be removed from the system and no longer operate. Lost or stolen openers must be reported immediately and a new opener will be issued along with an assessment to cover the cost of the new opener.

Rule #5  Members and Guests must obey the noise curfew at 10 pm at the Marina and Trailer Park. This is a common courtesy to your fellow Members and residential neighbors and is important in maintaining our relationship with the Forest Service and Weber County.

Rule #6  No Member shall be permitted to reprimand other Members or employees of the Club. Complaints are to be directed to the Caretaker/Operations Manager.

Rule #7  Members must respect the Caretakers as though they have the full rights of Members and any complaints should be brought to the Operation Manager or Board of Directors.


Definitions: A bona-fide guest is a non-member who is in the company of a Member.

Rule #1  A Member must supervise their guests at all times while they are in the clubhouse, trailer park or marina areas, and access will not be allowed unless accompanied by a Member. The names of all guests must be registered with the Caretaker that day and only those persons will be permitted entrance to the facilities. A Member must be present upon arrival of their guests. Guests will be turned away if the Caretaker has not been notified and the Member is not present.

Rule #2  There will be a limit of four guests per membership on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Immediate family members are not included in the four-guest limit. It is permissible to bring up to eight guests on days other than those listed.  The Operations Managers can, at their discretion, allow a member to occasionally bring more than the above allowed limits. Members who wish to bring more guests on a given day must contact the Operations Managers prior to any guests arriving at the club and get permission. The Operations Managers will base their decision on expected occupancy, parking availability, upcoming holidays, etc.

Rule #3  No guest shall be permitted to reprimand any employee or Member of the Club.

Rule #4  Any guest found in violation of the Rules and Regulations shall be removed immediately from the Club property. The Board of Directors will review any guests removed prior to re-admittance to the facilities.

Rule #5  Guests must pay Caretakers immediately upon use of the Club’s facilities. Guests are not allowed to carry a debt with the Club, and the Member of the guest is responsible for costs incurred by their guest.


Rule #1  Clubhouse hours are 6 am to Midnight but doors will remain open 24 hrs a day during the season.

Rule #2  Members shall dispose of all trash and other refuse in containers provided by the Club. All trash generated on the premises shall be disposed of by the Member in the garbage container located in the parking area.

Rule #3  It is the Member’s personal responsibility when using the Club facilities to leave the facilities in a clean and orderly condition. All dishes and cutlery are to be washed and put away immediately after their use. A fine will be assessed for all clean-up work performed by others.

Rule #4  The Club facilities will not be used or rented out for the use of commercial parties unless approved by the Board.

Rule #5  No unattended children under the age of twelve years are allowed in the Clubhouse.

Rule #6  In accordance with the Utah Clean Air Act there will be no smoking or use of e-cigarettes (vaping) allowed anywhere within:

  • in all enclosed indoor places
  • anywhere around the Clubhouse, Clubhouse Patio & BBQ Area, Office & Ice Machines, Fuel Storage Tanks, or the Fuel Dispenser
  • within 25 feet of any entrance, exit, open window, or air intake of a building
  • Smoking is permitted only on your boat, RV pad, or the paved parking lot areas.

Rule #7  No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse or loose on Clubhouse grounds. Members are responsible to keep their pets on a leash and clean up after their pets.

Rule #8  The Operations Manager and Caretaker has the authority to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Club and to report any violations to the Board of Directors.

Rule #9  Women must wear a swimsuit cover-up and men must wear a shirt while in the Clubhouse.

Rule #10  Any private use of the Clubhouse shall be governed as follows:

The Clubhouse is available for Members wishing to reserve the facility for a larger function, provided that this does not limit other Member use.

The Clubhouse is available for scheduled weddings and parties Monday through Thursday. The Clubhouse is not available for parties or other private functions on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays. The capacity of the clubhouse is maxed out at the fire code limit.

Wedding Rental Fees;

Wedding rental fees are a $3,000.00 facility fee and a $1,000.00 cleaning deposit ($500 of which is refundable). The Board will be required to approve all wedding events to minimize impacts to Members. Members will still have full Clubhouse access during any private event.

Private Parties and Functions;

For smaller private parties and functions the fees to rent the clubhouse will be $10 per person and a $500 cleaning deposit.

How To Reserve;

All private use of the Clubhouse and the fees there for must be approved by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis. The following procedure is to be used for reserving the Clubhouse:

A) The Member must notify the Caretaker of the intent to reserve the Clubhouse.
B) A Clubhouse reservation form is available from the Caretaker or fill out this form on the website.
C) Before the private event, the Member will pay to the Caretaker any fees as stated in the sections above (including cleaning deposits).
D) The details of the private event will be posted on the bulletin board.


Rule #1  Only the Operations Manager, Caretaker or authorized Club officers will adjust the dock anchor winches.

Rule #2  Members proof of boat insurance and registration, and Utah decontamination certification must be provided to the Caretaker prior to boat launch. Only Members may lease a slip.

Rule #3  Members who entertain guests with boats are authorized to use dock facilities for temporary docking only. The Member must be present when the guests are using the dock or Club facilities. A Member may entertain no more than one guest boat at any time. The names of the guests must be registered with the Caretaker. No guest boat is to use a Member’s slip without the permission of the Member or a Board Member.

Rule #4  Temporary tie-ups along the West walkway may be rented by the Member for his or her guest. The Caretaker is to be notified prior to their use. A Fee of $50.00 per day will be assessed for overnight use and should be paid to the Caretaker prior to stay. A guest boat is allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 visits per season. For example; a guest boat can stay Friday-Sunday and that would be considered 1 visit. A Fine of $100.00 will be imposed for violation of this rule.

Rule #5  A slow, wakeless speed is mandatory within the Marina at all times. Boat owners will be held liable for damage to other boats caused by their wake, and will be subject to a fine or reprimand for violation of this rule. Continued violations will be cause for probation, suspension or cancellation of Club membership. In addition, all boats shall remain wakeless 200 feet outside buoys (see picture below).

Rule #6  Any swimming in the Marina is at your own risk. All Members are strongly advised of the possibility of electrical currents being discharged in the water in or around the Marina which can cause death. Children under 12 years old are required to wear a Coast Guard approved life vest at all times in the Marina area and it is recommended that all swimmers should have a flotation device.

Rule #7  Boat slip users are responsible for keeping their slip free of litter and in good repair at all times. The Club will maintain the flotation and structural integrity of all walkways. The care of the slip shall be the responsibility of the Member. The Board of Directors will establish minimum standards to assure uniform appearance, safety and other conditions of the Marina. All marina slips must be suitable for water craft use. The Port Captain will have the authority to enforce the standards.

Rule #8  The dock on the West side of the Marina is associated with each slip for boat access. If any Member damages a slip or walkway then they are held responsible for the damages.

Rule #9  Boats must be secured in slip with materials adequate to prevent breakaway under storm conditions. Line of 1/2 inch or larger is mandatory for all boats. If a boat is improperly moored, the Member will be responsible for damage caused by his or her boat. All boats occupying slips must be registered with the Caretaker so that Members can be notified in case of emergency. Mooring Snubbers are highly recommended.

Rule #10  ALL marine slip lease sales/transfers must go through the Board for approval. Slips are leased by the members and may be transferred only to other members through sale or assignment. All slip lease transfers must be registered with the Operations Manager. The Operations Manager will manage all sales and rentals and will maintain a marina slip map to be displayed in the Clubhouse. All sales will contain cost basis and sales price. All slips must be used by the owner or put into the rental pool to allow access for other members. Annual slip rental prices are capped at $1750. Unused slip owners will be contacted by the Operations Manager to determine usage plan. Sale transfer fee is $500. No member will own more than two marina slips.

Rule #11  Pump out facilities are provided for members only. Each Member is responsible for the cleanup, care and proper disposal of refuse from their boats.

Rule #12  No boat will pull on the ramp for launching until pre-launching preparations have been completed. The Member should then proceed as rapidly and as safely as caution will permit. When removing boats from the water, do not remain parked on the ramp longer than necessary to secure boats to trailers. No vehicles are to be left on the ramp unattended or blocking access to the ramp.

Rule #13  Pets must be on a leash at all times within the marina area.

Rule #14  There will be no fishing from the walkway or bridge areas. Fishing is allowed from the Member’s slip or boat as well as from the shoreline. Conformance to the State of Utah fishing rules and regulations is mandatory. The use of bows and arrows, crossbows or firearms will not be allowed or tolerated within the Marina or Club area.

Rule #15  No refuse or waste of any kind may be disposed of in the lake. Any person caught violating this rule will be severely fined and/or expelled from the Club.

Rule #16  Boat mussel inspection must be performed by Caretakers for each boat launch. An online DNR mussel certification form is to be presented to Caretakers on initial boat launch every season. Boaters are to comply with all Federal and State laws.

Rule #17  Smoking is NOT permitted in common areas of the Marina, Bridge, Walkway, Fuel Dock, or Pump Out Dock. Smoking is permitted only on your boat, RV pad, or the paved parking lot areas.


Rule #1  All trailer/camper use while on Club property will be confined to the designated area.

Rule #2  Permanent stalls are defined as those renewable on a yearly basis while transient stalls are renewable on an overnight basis.

Rule #3  No drainage from trailers/campers will be deposited on the ground. All drainage will be disposed of through the proper hook-up to sewer outlets provided. A water connection and power connection is available at each stall. Any water pressure reducing or backflow prevention required for a Member’s use will be the responsibility of the Member to provide at no cost to the Club.

Rule #4  Members will maintain clean and presentable stalls and areas adjacent to each camping space. The restrooms in the North area are available for all members to use and are to be kept clean at all times. Unobstructed access to the restrooms is required.

Rule #5  A Member having rented a specific permanent stall the previous year will have priority to reserve the stall for the current year by pre-payment of that year’s rent by March 31st.

Rule #6  A Member desiring use of a transient stall shall register the stall number, length of stay and pay the rental fee to the Caretaker.

Rule #7  A guest renting a transient trailer stall shall pay $50.00 per night to the Caretaker and register with the Caretaker prior to stay. A guest RV is allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 visits per season. For example; a guest RV can stay Friday-Sunday and that would be considered 1 visit. A Fine of $100.00 will be imposed for violation of this rule.

Rule #8  Any Member who wishes to rent a permanent camping stall will register with the Operations Manager and their name shall be put on a waiting list. As a site becomes available, the stall will be rented to the person whose name appears on the top of this list. Only the Operations Manager shall determine who will be allowed to rent a permanent camping stall.

Rule #9  Any member renting a permanent stall must use such stall for personal use. If a member is unable to use the permanent stall, the Club will rent such stall to the next person on the waiting list. Temporary use of a permanent stall by a member shall pay a prorated portion of the dues based upon length of use. Sub leasing is not permitted.

Rule #10  A member having rented a specific stall shall be responsible for the appearance, upkeep, maintenance and general condition of the area. If the member does not conform to this, the Board will take action as necessary and all costs associated to maintain the area will be assessed against the stall renter.

Rule #11  Any problems, disputes or controversy that directly involves the grounds or trailer stalls will be reported to the Operations Manager, Shore Captain, or to a Board. All disputes will then be reported to the Board and handled as defined in Article VIII of the Bylaws.

Rule #12  Only members will be allowed to rent a stall in the trailer park and only those members whose names appear on the waiting list will be allowed to occupy a permanent stall in the RV Park. Any changes to the occupancy of the trailer stall shall be reported to the Operations Manager.

Rule #13  Members shall provide registration and proof of insurance to the Caretakers on initial setup of an RV at the beginning of every year.

Code of Conduct

The objective of the Club’s Code of Conduct is to provide a standard code of behavior for its members and to:

a. Provide a framework for members to understand the standards of conduct that are expected of them.
b. Ensure the Club fulfills its statutory duty to be ethical, fair and honest to its members and obligations to its employees.
c. Build community trust in the Club and enhance public opinion of the Club.
d. Ensure that the Club is enjoyed by all members and guests.

The Club will not tolerate:

a. Conduct which is gross, obscene or loud in nature.
b. Excessive use of alcohol and/or acting in a way that becomes a public nuisance or creates a public disturbance.
c. Smoking within 25 feet from posted signs, gas tanks, bridge, and gas dock. Smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse.
d. Display of any material, signage and/or clothing bearing profane, suggestive or improper words or designs in the Clubhouse, all docks and all patio areas.
e. Offensive language in common areas.
f. Any form of abuse, harassment or threatening behavior, whether in physical, verbal or electronic form.
g. Willful destruction of Club or member property.

The Club Integrity and Privacy

It is the obligation of all members to maintain the integrity and security of the Club’s confidential documents and information:

a. No member shall represent the Club in any dealings, unless specifically authorized by the Directors.
b. Members shall not expect preferential treatment, nor seek favors from the Club’s Directors, Officers or Committee members.
c. Do not use your involvement in the Club to promote your own beliefs, behaviors or practices where these are inconsistent with those of the Club.