NOTE TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS:  Due to the concern from the Utah DNR and the Forest Service about the invasive Quagga Mussels, all boats are required to have a decontamination certificate prior to launching.   All yacht club members must complete the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ Online Mussel Aware Certification Course,  before launching any boat at Pineview reservoir. Use the AIS Certification link below to take the course.

Utah Division of Wildlife AIS Education Course
(Mussel Aware Certification  Course)

This must be done each year.  Your certificate is valid from the day of completion through Dec 31st of the same year.

Utah AIS Program Fee for ALL Boaters

Boaters with motorized watercraft must also enroll in the Utah AIS Program and pay an annual fee — $20 for Utah residents and $25 for nonresidents — through the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. You will receive a current-year AIS decal for your vessel.


If you have more than one boat, the payment portal will allow for fee payment for multiple vessels at one time. However, a separate $20 fee will be required for each vessel.


You can read more about this here:


You can register your boat and pay the fee(s) here:

Boats Not In Slips

For those of you who do not have a slip for your boat, or leave a second boat or PWCs on trailers, there is one additional thing YOU MUST DO in accordance with Utah State Law.


Anytime you have a vehicle and a watercraft trailer connected together in the parking lot, you are required to display your Annual Mussel Aware Certificate on the dash of the vehicle. (just as you would have to if you launched at any other lake or ramp in Utah).

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